[Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

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[Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

Postby BELL » 2011-08-13, 13:46

Where can I find wig pre order and eye contact in Thailand?
Now I'm selling wigs in promotion, but I want to compare the price between the other wig pre order seller><

Also, I can't find a proper eye contact to order= =|||
Every time when I ask the eye contact seller in English, they just ignore...never reply me.
And I ask my Thai friend to buy it for me, they even send the wrong color...

Foreign cosplayer in Thailand is hard to cosplay orz|||
Please help me><

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Re: [Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

Postby 1460110408 » 2011-08-13, 21:59

I reply your post on PM. Hope that you can understand
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Re: [Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

Postby Haru » 2011-08-14, 05:10

What charater u want to cos?

May b i'll can help u bout yr pre-order.
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Re: [Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

Postby koE » 2011-08-14, 15:17

The price it's depend on promotion or character of each seller
some question, what character do you want to cos?
you can ask me and my friends cosplayer on facebook or twitter
facebook : koe haine
twitter : @aoaechan .... may be I can help ..
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Re: [Ask]wig pre order& eye contact

Postby milejododo » 2019-02-21, 16:48

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