Paco Jémez arrives at Gran Canaria Island

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Paco Jémez arrives at Gran Canaria Island

Postby makaralove » 2017-12-27, 13:09


Coach Paco Jémez arrived on Tuesday to Gran Canaria Island to take charge of the first team of UD Las Palmas, which will present him as their new coach on Wednesday.

Paco Jémez, who already led Las Palmas in the 2009/2010 Spanish football season, will beทางเข้า sbothe fourth coach in this season on the bench of the Gran Canaria team, which is at the bottom of La Liga Santander at the moment.

He was preceded by Manolo Márquez, who resigned; Pako Ayestarán, who was dismissed; and Paquito Ortiz, who has temporarily taken over the team.

The Gran Canaria coach, who just left Mexico, where he trained Cruz Azul, will count as collaborators with Juan Luna Eslava (second coach and was with him in his previous stage at UDทางเข้า sboLas Palmas), Julio Luis Muñoz Saldaña (physical trainer) and Jorge Ramírez Fernández (goalkeeper coach).

"More than a sports project, I take it as a personal challenge," Jemez told UD Radio of his motivation to return. "Beyond the situation of the team and that it seems crazy [to avoid relegation], I think it is the right decision."

Jemez's first match in charge will be a Copa del Rey first-leg clash with Valencia in the new year.ทางเข้า sbo
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