sbobet mobile Neymar's father responds to 'vulture' Casagra


sbobet mobile Neymar's father responds to 'vulture' Casagra

Postby thorng » 2018-02-16, 23:40


Neymar's father hit back at criticism of the player for his performance at the Bernabeu from former Brazil forward Walter Casagrande, by describing him as a 'vulture' and claiming that the Champions League tie with Real Madrid is not over yet.Casagrande claimed that Neymar had become spoilt and could easily sbobet mobile have been sent off in the clash on Tuesday night, having received one yellow card for kicking out and missing out another despite the referee signalling a foul after he dived."In a war there are those that help give the win and those, like vultures, that produce nothing, that live off others and generally [url=]sbobet mobile the difficult moments of their prey," wrote Neymar Santos Sr on social media.
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