Why was Pastore wearing Neymar's No.10 shirt against Guingam

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Why was Pastore wearing Neymar's No.10 shirt against Guingam

Postby kongpheara » 2018-01-25, 15:36


The French Cup is a special and unique tournament, so much so that players in the starting lineup must be wearing shirts numbered No.1 to No.11.Clubs are only allowed to list 18 players in a matchday squad at this stage and only shirt numbers up to No.18 are permitted. These rules meant that several m.pic5678 of the Paris Saint-Germain players taking on Guingamp on Wednesday night were wearing shirt numbers that don't normally belong to them.For example, Javier Pastore was wearing Neymar's No.10, Thomas Meunier had Thiago Silva's No.2 and Julian Draxler lined up in Thiago Motta's No.8.These rules are m.pic5678 taken seriously and Cactus Sainte-Anne were even kicked out of this year's edition of the tournament for failing to wear the appropriate shirt numbers. Furthermore, PSG were not allowed to have their usual sponsor of Emirates on the front of their tops, as they instead had to sport one of the tournament sponsors on their chests.m.pic5678
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