SBOBET Cristiano Ronaldo, all-important for Real Madrid

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SBOBET Cristiano Ronaldo, all-important for Real Madrid

Postby thorng » 2018-03-01, 12:57


The relationship between Real Madrid, the fans and Cristiano Ronaldo passes through various phases during the season, SBOBET from the threat of separation to forgiveness and reconciliation in the spring with the Champions League knock-out stage.When everything is at stake the opposing sides come together and dependent on each other.They missed Ronaldo in Cornella, his goals and his presence in attack with Bale not able to cover for him. Once again disconnected from the rest of the team with balls going all over the place and he did not look in control of the situation. SBOBET The experiment of a false nine with the Welshman was a failure.
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